3 Reasons to Use Tailwind Board Lists

Tired of repeating the same Pinterest tasks?

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Entrepreneurship is exhausting. Trying to do all-the-things yourself sucks. Let the Tailwind App simplify getting your Pinterest content to the right boards.

Meet Board Lists, Your New Best Friend

Board lists won’t make your life 100% easier, but they can consolidate some of the repetitive work into something more manageable. Fuck 100% perfect, I’ll take better any day. 

Making Your First Board List

If you’ve spent anytime with Pinterest you know that Boards are everything. Curate, collect, admire, dream, plan – boards are both the gateway and the destination in Pinterest Land. If you’re new to Pinterest and the Tailwind app I suggest checking out my post about getting started with Tailwind.

Follower counts don’t matter

One thing to get your head wrapped around is to stop chasing follower numbers on Pinterest. They don’t matter in the say way as on other social media channels. Do they matter there either?

What matters is getting your content to the folks who are searching for it. Pinterest is a visual search engine. It’s founders have described it as a visual discovery engine. The discovery part is paramount. You solve problems, now help people find your solutions.

Board lists + the Tailwind app make everything better
Tailwind makes it easy to create Board Lists. Easy is good.

Let's Get Listed

Below is an image of the list I use to share my blog posts. Push the button and I’ve just shared a shiny new post to 7 of my boards. One click and I just saved myself at least five minutes. 

A close up of the Board List page with several Pinterest boards added to it.

Seem complicated? Never fear. The folks at Tailwind have got your back. They are great about providing video tutorials for their features.

This video covers the basics of Board Lists in 3 short minutes. The team at Tailwind is great about providing video tutorials for their features.



Jaycee Lewis is the founder of Twenty Two Kittens. When she is not helping folks become virtual assistants or helping them hire one, she's hanging out on Twitter.

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