The Tailwind app for Pinterest is a wonderful tool for boosting your account.

Learn to Love the Tailwind App Week 2

My Tailwind for Pinterest Adventure

Week One Recap

Hey-o. It’s been a week-ish since starting my journey using the Tailwind app for Pinterest (week one here). Things have been smooth sailing so far with Pinterest and the Tailwind app.  All of my boards are getting pins posted to them. Not much repining is happening so far and that’s ok. Brick by brick is the way we’ll build something helpful and of value for other folks. 

The Tailwind App for Pinterest

In the beginning, the wins come from doing. My foundation needs to be laid before I start admiring the view. I have to remember to keep my head down and just do the work. Pull the lever, push the button. My writing isn’t great. And it probably won’t be for a hot minute. I am aiming for good or great, not 100% flawless. This is not an exercise in intentional mediocrity. I believe done is much more important than perfect.

An animated gif of a finger pushing a button. The quote reads “The best is the enemy of the good.” Voltaire
“The best is the enemy of the good.” Voltaire

Why am I doing this?

Pinterest has the potential to drive targeted and relevant traffic to my website. Tailwind has the ability to automate certain parts of maintaining an active Pinterest presence. The folks who are clicking through to my site are also a good fit for my email list and newsletter. Some of the folks will also be ready to get help from me as a virtual assistant.

Setting up Tailwind App Tools

Tailwind SmartLoops

SmartLoops are a key feature of the Tailwind app. They can be used to reshare your best content throughout the year or they can be set for a specific time and focused on seasonal content. There are clear written instructions on how to get started.

Tailwind is also very good about including short video tutorials for each of its features. I appreciate being given the choice to either read a quickly written explanation or watch a slightly longer video. Most of the videos are under 3 minutes and all of them have been helpful to me.

A screenshot of the SmartLoop view in the Tailwind app for Pinterest

Pinterest Board Lists

The Tailwind app offers an easy way to schedule pins to multiple boards. Grouping 2, 3, or 4 boards together can save you time and increase your posting efficiency. I would suggest starting slow and building up board lists as you find yourself adding specific types of content to the same boards over and over again. The goal is to simplify my workflow not to turn into a spam machine. 

A screenshot of the Board List view in the Tailwind app for Pinterest

Thoughts on Tailwind

Good value for the cost

For my goals, Tailwind at $14.95 per month is a great value. It’s not a magic pill, dang it. The suite of tools available in the Tailwind app give me insights into what my audience is relating to.

I can see which of my blog posts and other pieces of original content are getting pinned and repined, and what is driving traffic to my blog. The ability to schedule pins to an individual board or multiple boards helps relieve the pressure of having to constantly be pinning and feeling like you have to be on the Pinterest app 24/7.

Pinterest and Tailwind Analytics are helpful

Tailwind gives you several detailed dashboards for its analytics (Insights) 📈

– Profile performance – followers, pins, re-pins,  comments. These stats provide an easy to scan view of how my account is doing overall. Virality Score, Engagement Score, and Engagement Rate. I don’t expect to see much here until at least month 3. 

A screenshot of the Insights view in the Tailwind for Pinterest app
Nothing to see here folks…

– Boards Insights – this tab shows the Profile Performance categories and states broken down by each board. This view also allows you to get more related content for each board.

– Pin Inspector – re-pins, comments. Adds ability reschedule pins, Add to Tribes, Add to SmartLoop, and Find Additional Content.

Considering a yearly Tailwind subscription

One strategy of mine is to buy yearly subscriptions whenever I can save 20% or more. This accomplishes three things for me. First, I save money. Second I only have to worry about annual billing for things I use. And I get off of the subscription treadmill 🏃‍♀️Or at least slow the interval way down. If there is a good deal available on the Tailwind app after Christmas I’ll consider taking advantage of it. 

Tailwind and Pinterest Strategy for Week 3

More Pins

I do manual pinning in addition to scheduling with Tailwind. My goal to add 15-20 pins every day. Sometimes I add pins to a specific board and sometimes I spread them out. I also use the Tailwind app on my iPad to find content. It’s something that is easy to do while rewatching the Office. Again.

More Pinterest original content

In addition to posting these weekly blogs, I am committed to making 5 variations to the mail pin for each blog. These get scheduled with Tailwind. Each of the pins contains similar info, but varied graphics and colors. I don’t pretend to know what is going to resonate with someone. I’ll keep up with the variations if nothing else it’s a good exercise in creativity and design.

If you made it to the bottom, thank you very much! Please like, share, comment, and do all the fun social things.

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