Become a More Effective Writer with SEO Keyword Research

An image of light four light bulbs placed end to end representing ideas gained from SEO keyword research

Write better with SEO keyword research Learning how to research SEO keywords will take your well-meaning, and probably meandering, posts and transform them into something relevant and helpful. This article by Orbit Media on keyword research gave us a roadmap on how to get started. But what good is a map if you don’t use it? Photo by Andrew […]

A New Kind of Self Development Plan For 2020

Three words for your 2020 self development plan.

I want a new kind of self development plan for 2020 Resolutions never work for me, I need a self development plan. A New Year’s Day tweet by Chris Brogan caught my eye. He offered a simple and elegant way to plan for the new year. Whether you’re making a personal development plan or a […]

Describe Your Business Better Now (2020)

Can you easily and clearly describe your business?

Describe Your Business In A Few Words How do you describe your business? Do you leave folks ready to learn more or do you leave them scratching their heads and asking “WTF did I just listen to?” 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t believe in easy. Simple, yes. Effective, absolutely. But easy isn’t my goal. This week’s #smallwin […]

Tailwind Board Lists

3 Reasons to Use Tailwind Board Lists Tired of repeating the same Pinterest tasks? Table of Contents Entrepreneurship is exhausting. Trying to do all-the-things yourself sucks. Let the Tailwind App simplify getting your Pinterest content to the right boards. Meet Board Lists, Your New Best Friend Board lists won’t make your life 100% easier, but they […]

Learn to Love the Tailwind App Week 2

The Tailwind app for Pinterest is a wonderful tool for boosting your account.

My Tailwind for Pinterest Adventure Week One Recap Hey-o. It’s been a week-ish since starting my journey using the Tailwind app for Pinterest (week one here). Things have been smooth sailing so far with Pinterest and the Tailwind app.  All of my boards are getting pins posted to them. Not much repining is happening so […]

Do You Want to Learn How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest? (2019)

An image of the beach along a cliff. Text reads - Tailwind 01. Building a foundation

Table of Contents Getting started with Tailwind This November I started building a Pinterest Business Page from scratch. You probably have feelings about Pinterest – It’s only for women, it’s for wardrobe design, meal planning, it’s not for “real” businesses. Bruh 🤦‍♀️ ‍ Do you have a website? Do you like traffic?  Being a Pinterest […]