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Do You Want to Learn How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest? (2019)

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Getting started with Tailwind

This November I started building a Pinterest Business Page from scratch. You probably have feelings about Pinterest – It’s only for women, it’s for wardrobe design, meal planning, it’s not for “real” businesses. Bruh 🤦‍♀️ ‍ Do you have a website? Do you like traffic? 

Being a Pinterest Beginner is intimidating AF. Between seeing how many pins per day are suggested and the need to work, eat, sleep, and occasionally see the sunshine, that’s a lot to come up with. Even though it’s challenging, I want to build a strong Pinterest foundation 💪

The Tailwind app is my choice for managing this experiment. Although there is a free version, I’ll be using the paid Pro plan. Having skin in the game is important  💰 It certainly helps with accountability. So does writing this blog. Public shame? Public success? Something in-between? The act of do-ing is the goal for me.

Why Tailwind?

A screenshot of the Tailwind Pinterest scheduling tool homepage.
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Tailwind is a well-established app. They are a Pinterest approved partner. I’m not going to risk my account by using risky tools. Tailwind is actively maintained and updated. Which makes me happy. There are a ton of great features including:

✅ Tribes 

✅ Smartloops

✅ Scheduler 

✅ Chrome extension 

✅ iPad app 

The Tailwind dashboard view of the scheduling page.

Who am I?

I am a beginner at Pinterest, Tailwind, and blogging. My origin story is pretty boring. I heard an episode from Simple Pin Podcast, read a few articles on Hubspot and Buffer about Pinterest, and I am fed up 💯with the state of Facebook in late 2019 and don’t want to build my business there. 

I’m a small business owner – Twenty Two Kittens, LLC. We provide Content Marketing + Social Marketing Strategy. I love social marketing and I fully acknowledge that most folks don’t. So I’d rather help you finds ways to DIY-it and succeed. Or hire us so you can go kick ass and make a difference in the world 🌎

My motto is You Shine ✨We Support🏋️‍♂️ My goal as a VA is to take things off of your plate so you can focus on the important shit – the make lots of money kind of shit 💰

Starting points for Pinterest and Tailwind

My goals are to build an engaged Pinterest following and drive traffic to my website. I will do this by posting my own content and sharing valuable and high-quality pins to my boards. I want to be authentic, vulnerable, and hopefully, slightly interesting. It’s also important for me to help others. 

I’m not looking for hyperbolic bullshit to post, definitely no clickbait. I’m honestly curious to see what following the Tailwind on-boarding and new-user guides can do for a brand new Pinterest account. You can expect my thoughts on usability, value, updates, scheduling, and smart loops. 

Data I’ll Capture

✅ Followers

✅ Reach

✅ Website visits

✅ Email list signups

✅ Google analytics data from custom Pinterest GA dashboard (this was included in the Tailwind guide for new users)

A screenshot of the Tailwind dashboard overview
The basic Tailwind dashboard view.

Week One Strategy

Building my foundation for Tailwind for business is pretty basic and that’s OK. I will make 16 Pinterest friendly graphics for featured images. I’ll also make blog post graphics and resize screenshots of my stats. Another priority is making smart loops and multiple board groups to simplify posting. Here’s my basic plan to get started 👇

Day One

✅ Take Screenshots  📸

✅ Write the draft post  ✍️

✅ Make a Pinterest post in Canva – featured image + 5 additional graphics for the blog post  🧰

✅ Load into Tailwind  ⛵️

✅ Load into Social Bee  🐝

Week One Screenshots

Screenshot of the Twenty Two Kittens Pinterest Page

Taken on November 14th. (check out the 3 followers 👀)

Wrapping Up

I’m making this series of blog posts to document my journey with Pinterest and the Tailwind app. It’s a project for myself and my own accountability and to help other people who might be considering using a posting and scheduling tool for Pinterest.

Please share your comments and feedback on Twitter at @adubiousmuse and @All22Kittens Thank you!

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